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Choosing the Right Officiant

Reverend Oscar Simpson

Your clergy choice will be easy if you or your spouse has been attending a church, but for secular couples choosing an officiant can take a lot of research and referrals. Choosing the right officiant not only means the tone will be set by the clergy person, but that you’ll be happy with the ceremony as well. Before you pick a name out of the phonebook you should do some research, talk with your fiancé, each set of parents, friends […]

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Location, Location, Location

Her Wedding Planner

It’s very rare to live in the same city you grew up in these days, which can make the decision of where to get married difficult. Especially if your family is an hour away and his family is on the coast! With this decision looming, how do you go about deciding where to hold your nuptials? There are a number of ways to tackle this question, and it mainly has to do with the outcome of the location discussion with your […]

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Writing Your Own Vows

Reverend Oscar Simpson

Writing your own vows is a deeply personal and emotional task, so if you decide to write your own vows, don’t wait till two weeks before the wedding because you need time to reflect on your relationship before you start writing. Once you’ve got your wedding vendors booked you should begin to write your vows. Although before you start putting a lot of time and energy into your writing you should run this idea past your officiant. They might require […]

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Choosing the Right Church


When you’re considering where you should hold your ceremony you might consider a church, which is traditional but not a necessity, unless it is meaningful to you. If you’re not a regular church goer and you decide to hold your ceremony in a particular church be prepared to speak directly with the minister/pastor/priest. You should have a list of questions you have in regards to your ceremony and the expectations of the church. You should confront any problems now and […]

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to Possibly Marry in Italy


Ever since George Clooney proposed to his girlfriend Amal Alamuddin over dinner at home, everyone has been guessing when and where the couple will get hitched. One contender for the venue is Clooney’s Italian mansion that he bought in 2002, the Villa Orleandra. He’s even joked that his mansion was a great place to hold a wedding. Ever since buying the mansion Clooney has had an increasing appreciation for the talian way of life. Although the couple has yet to confirm they’ll […]

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The Gift Registry for the Bride Who Already Has It All


Are you the bride who has already been on her own and has everything she needs in the kitchen, bedroom and bath? If so, don’t worry you can still register gifts, with online stores and funding sites you can register for just about anything! Here’s how you do it, at SimpleRegistry.com you can register anything and I mean anything! If there are vintage items you would love, or quirky things that you can only find online, set up a registry […]

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Gift Registry Returns


When you start your registry you’re excited to do something with your fiance that feels like you’re really starting your life together, even if it’s as simple as choosing a flatware pattern, it still has depth and meaning for the two of you. After you’ve completed making a number of gift registries you look forward to receiving the items and preparing your homestead. But what happens when you get multiples of the same items? You now get to return them […]

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Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette


A bride can’t add her registry list to the wedding invitations or tell everyone about all the things she’s registered, but she can tell a few key people about where she’s registered to get the word out. When writing the invitations to a bridal shower don’t try to make people feel compelled to buy a git for the bride by writing something like, “John and Jane just bought a new house and would greatly appreciate a gift from their registry. […]

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Gift Registry 101


Gift registry makes gift giving and getting simple. You choose the items you want and your guests choose from your list to buy the items you want. So how’s this done exactly? With care of course. So before you start scanning every piece of kitchenware in the store know yourself and your husband-to-be. What do you like to do in the kitchen or outside? How would you decorate your own house? Once you and your significant other have sat down […]

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Bridal Party Hotel Etiquette


Whether you’re having a wedding in your home town or somewhere else, wedding etiquette dictates that the bride is responsible for the lodging of the bridal party the night before the wedding. If your parents have agreed to let the entire bridal party stay at their house that’s great, but in the case that you are out of town and your parents home is not an option, you are responsible for paying for your bridesmaids’ lodging. You should explore the […]

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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, they’re a way for couples to get married in a location that has meaning or in a place they’ve always dreamed of going together. It’s also a way to have a small intimate wedding with family and few friends. If you’re considering making your wedding a destination, here are some tips to help you plan and get the best possible deal for you and your guests. Plan your wedding for a weekday during an […]

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How to Negotiate Lodging Rates for Out-of-Town Guests


Normally hotels will give a discount when you book a certain amount of rooms for you wedding guests. However, if you’re not finding a hotel willing to give your guests a discount you can negotiate with hotel staff and managers to get a better rate. Here’s how you do it. Is your wedding during a high traffic time for the hotel or not, certain times of year due to vacations, holidays, and festivals hotels experience a bump in customers. If […]

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