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Ottawa Bridal Show

Ottawa Wedding Show

The Ottawa Winter Wedding Show taking place January 28-29, 2012 is a one-stop wedding shop! With over 125 exhibitors at each show offering thousands of ideas The Ottawa Wedding Show has it covered! From wedding gowns to wedding cars, venues to menus, gifts to grooms wear, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for whatever your budget and style! You can meet, see, touch and taste before you buy. Interview multiple vendors in one afternoon. Receive great suggestions and […]

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Wedding Trends

Want Fries with that Ring?

We recently came across this article and thought it might interest you. Can you imagine, McDonald’s now offer wedding services!!! Click Here to read the original article. By Chinese betrothal custom, the groom presents his bride’s family with a whole celebratory suckling pig. The pork, a culinary symbol of the girl’s virginity, is roasted patiently to a crackling ruddy brown. But at a recent engagement party in Hong Kong, the food came quickly, turned out by restaurant workers at the […]

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Promotion with Grazie Gifts until December 31st, 2011

Grazie Gifts is giving a promotional discount of 15% off all orders at GrazieGifts.com. Promotional code to enter at check out is : DEC15% Visit Grazie Gifts for all your wedding favour needs. They hand select their products to represent the most trendy, affordable and practical ways to give the gift of thanks.

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Dream of Happiness?

One day last month, I was driving along heading to a wedding rehearsal listening to my favourite talk radio station when I heard this statement and I quote “don’t let your dreams get in the way of your happiness”. I thought that was a very interesting comment so I listened for a while then closed down the radio and mulled over what I had heard. You know what? I learned at a very young age that no matter how much […]

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Halloween Wedding at Walt Disney World

If you love themed weddings, you have to check this out! Read the orginal article here: Click Here On Halloween day, this very special wedding happened at Walt Disney World- a wedding inspired by Halloween itself. Adam & Wendy wanted their family and friends to have as much fun as possible at their wedding- they are traveling far and wide to attend after all. So they encouraged guests (and Cast Members) to don their favorite costume for the All Hallows’ […]

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California Dad Sews Wedding Dress for Daughter

ABC News covered a story of a California Dad fulfilling his promise to his daughter and sewing her wedding dress. See the video below for the story. Not only is it remarkable to have your father take up sewing, but this man’s profession was a construction worker. That might have actually helped with the designing… Apparently he has told his daughters that he would make their wedding dresses for them, and his first-wed daughter took him up on his promise. […]

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Financial Expert

Get Your Finances In Order – Interview with Derek Foster

HerWeddingPlanner.com not only wants to help you plan your wedding with ease, we want you to have a successful and long lasting ‘Happily Ever After’. Finance-related tension in your marriage potentially raises the risk of divorce. If finances are such a big deal, then we want you to be prepared and start planning financial harmony between you and your spouse. Chantal Patton with HerWeddingPlanner.com recently interviewed millionaire, author, investor and financial specialist, Derek Foster. Derek Foster retired by the time […]

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Win a 150$ value bouquet for your upcoming wedding

Do you remember “27 dresses” movie? Yeap, we all do! I’m sure that at least once in your life you wore a funny bridesmaid dress! So here is our contest that will give you the opportunity to win a bridal bouquet worth a 150$ value for your upcoming wedding! 1. Become Beaudry’s Flowers and Silk Greenhouse’s friend on FB at www.facebook.com/canadaflowers 2. Join the group: The funniest bridesmaid dress you have ever worn! 3. Upload a picture of you wearing […]

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Marriage is a Clay Figure

There are a host of things these days that can disrupt our marriages if we allow it to happen. I believe though, and I will admit to the same problem, that the general basis of most marital disagreement is selfishness. We all pay lip service to sayings like “marriage is a give and take” and many more like that. Sometimes you have to lose your life in order to find it. Some will say, “lose my life? You mean I […]

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Cupcake Girls & Her Wedding Planner

Enjoy this live interview with Heather White from The Cupcake Girls and HerWeddingPlanner.com. Be sure to get your tickets to see Heather live in Belleville Ontario for the Belleville Bridal Expo taking place September 30th at the Calvary Temple from 4:30pm to 10pm. Tickets are available at Lily’s Bridal in Belleville and Napanee or at Rose Hip Flowers in Trenton.

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Belleville Bridal Expo 2011

The Belleville Bridal Expo will be taking place September 30, 2011 at the Calvary Temple located at 679 Dundas W., Belleville from 4:30pm to 10pm. This is a huge bridal expo with everything wedding under one roof! Presented by the people that brought Randy Fenoli to Kingston! Do NOT miss this event! Featuring the Cupcake Girls from W Network. Tickets are $20 and can be bought at Lily’s Bridal in Belleville and Napanee or at Rose Hip Flowers in Trenton. […]

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2011 Fall Weddings

The fall season is close and the fashion world is getting ready. Fashion for weddings, from bride’s gowns to bridesmaid’s dresses, have also started to go with the season with different cuts and colors. For fall, earth colors are in. Neutral tones are in for the season, raspberry hues, together with radiant bronze colors, the latest colors for the fall season is dark olive, spicy nutmeg, brilliant oranges. The fall also signifies a very big change in nature’s life cycle. […]

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