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Tips on Jewellers

The following are some suggestions I think the groom should consider when he has decided to go ring shopping:

1) Make sure you deal with a reliable jeweller, someone who has been in business for a long time. Look for some type of certification that lets you know they are an expert in their field.

2) Determine the amount you can spend before you go shopping for the ring. Traditionally, they say you should not spend more than 3 months income.

3) Do your comparison shopping ahead of time, so that you are ready to hit the jeweller when they have their specials or sales throughout the year.

4) If you believe it is needed, get an appraisal done outside the jeweller’s as a condition of the sale. Keep the receipt for insurance purposes, as it should contain a full description of the ring.

5) Ask about returns, if you need to modify the ring after given to the bride. Maybe have it written on the receipt so there is no dispute later.

6) Ask if there is an extra charge to size the ring and if the jeweller’s insurance covers damages to the ring when being repaired or cleaned.

Happy Shopping!

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