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Planning your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding in done in three sections; the ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon. 

The wedding reception is by far the section that takes to most preparation.  If you ask a bride what worries her the most, the reception would most probably be her answer. 

From food and decoration to theme and entertainment to the finishing personal touches that makes it your own, the decision of a wedding reception takes time and has many different elements. 

Factors that may affect your decisions are money, yours and your finance’s viewpoints, and depending on parents involvement, they may have their own options.     

Some points to consider that may aid in this being a smoother process are;

1) Know your budget   This includes food, decorations, entertainment and party favours (normally giving out during the reception).

2) Consider the size-Each reception hall has a particular number of guests that they can seat comfortably, depending on the type of reception (ie. dinner or cocktails) you want to have.

3) Make the reversations in advance– If both of you and your finance want a particular reception hall than book it as soon as you become engaged.  This way there will be no disappointments, hoping the church is available on the same date.         

4) Decide what you want-Go to the reception hall with a sense of what you want.  This may include food ideas, set up of tables and entertainment area etc.  

The reception is an important part of the wedding, it’s the part of wedding day that gives the bridal couple along with their parents and bridal party a chance to thank the guest for sharing in their special day and to mingle with old friends. 

A chance for everyone to celebrate together.    

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