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Bouquets more than just flowers

Long ago, brides carried bouquets made of strong smelling herbs to fight of bad spirits.  During Roman times brides carrying flowers were symbolic of a woman in bloom.  Men would sent messages through the arrangements of flowers to the ladies they were courting, this is still seen today.  

Some brides have adopted this unique way of arranging flowers in their bridal bouquet to send a beautiful message.   

Some examples of flowers and their meanings are;

  • Chrysanthemum (red)-I love You
  • Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth
  • Cyclamen – Modesty and shyness
  • Daffodil – Regard
  • Daisy – Innocence
  • Fern – Fascination and sincerity
  • Forget-me-not – True love and remembrance
  • Hyacinth – Loveliness
  • Hydrangea – Boastfulness
  • Iris – Warmth of affection
  • Ivy – Eternal fidelity
  • Lilac (white) – Youthful innocence
  • Lily – Majesty
  • Lily-of-the-valley – Return of happiness
  • Magnolia – Perseverance
  • Rose (red) – Love
  • Rose (white) – Worthiness
  • Rose (other colours) – Love and beauty
  • Sweet Pea – Delicate pleasures
  • Tulip – Love
  • Violet – Faithfulness
  • We have a wonderful selection of florists on our wedding directory.  To find out how you can send out a romantic message on your special day, contact one of them today. 

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