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Edible Favors

When I got married seven years ago my husband and I gave out beautifully wrapped frosted shot glasses as our wedding favors.  At the time it was one of the most popular favors to give away.  These days more and more couples are giving out edible favors.  

I’ve found some really neat ideas for edible gift giving;  

1)Coffee and tea:  You could have a mug with samples of different coffees or teas.  This gift will definitely be worth your money.

2)Personalized Mini Wedding Cakes: These are BEAUTIFUL!  You could have mini cakes that resemble your wedding cake, wrapped up and given as favors to your guests.  

3)Chocolate: You could have chocolate truffles or chocolate bars made with personalized outter labels.  

4)Candy or Mints: You can purchase boxed candy or mints.    

5)Jam/Jellies: If you or a family member are great in the kitchen and make great jams why not package them for your guests.  It’s a great way to save some money.   

6)Wine: Being from an Italian family, all my uncles made wine.  When I got married my father and father-in-law both made wine which was at every table for guests to enjoy.  If you are a wine maker, you could have your wine bottled, attach a personalized label and this now has become a great favor.

7)Biscotti/cookies: Again if you are great in the kitchen….show it off.  Why not make your grandmother’s special family secret recipe for almond biscotti and package 2 or 3 in a nice box.  It is the personal touch that will make this your own unique one-of-a-kind wedding favor.

I hope this has opened your mind to the wide range of party favors out there.

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