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Money Saving Tips-Wedding Date, Don’t Plan Near a Holiday

It is hard to decide on a wedding date.  At first glance, there are numerous possibles, then you remember your sister is due in July, your niece’s baptism is on June, all of a sudden it isn’t so easy. 

One piece of advise is try not to plan by a holiday.  It might seen a great idea to you, because your guests will have more travel time and all,  but your guests may not want to spend their vacation at your wedding, they may want to take a vacation.  Plus, things tend to be more expensive around holiday times.

Flowers tend to be more expensive around Valentine’s Day, blocking off hotel rooms to accommodate your guests may not be permitted around Canada Day or Labor Day.  Also, most reception halls are booked a year or more in advance for company Christmas parties, so the one you may want may not be available.

Of course it is a decision that you and your finance must make, but consider everything before booking a date.

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