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Acknowledging your Parents

I have seen different ways in which you can acknowledge your parents during your wedding ceremony and reception.

It is a beautiful idea to acknowledge the parents.  To let them know that you appreciate and love them for all their unconditional love and support they have given you throughout your life. 

Some ideas are;

1) Include the parents in the ceremony processional.  Have the groom walk up the aisle with his parents.  The bride can be given away by both her mother and father.

2) When the bride reaches the parent’s seats at the wedding ceremony, she can take two flowers from her bouquet and give one to her mother and one to her mother-in-law.  

3) Writing a special thank-you to your parents, for all your guests to read in your ceremony program. 

4) The traditional father of the bride and bride dance, and mother of the groom and groom dance.  

5) Prepare a toast to the parents and then present them with flowers or another gift at the reception.   

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