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What To Look For When Choosing A Photographer

A bridal couple should made the time to interview a number of photographers.  The photographer that your friend may recommend, may not capture the moment the way you want.

Some things that I looked for when selecting my wedding photographer were;

1) Does the photographer capture the emotions of the day?

2) Does he have creative poses?   Or a variety of poses?      

3) During the interview, did he take the time to find out details of our wedding?  For example our photographer, wanted to know all the names of our attendants and how my husband and I knew them.  Were they a brother, sister, cousin or friend?  That way, he knew which moments would be the best the capture.  He took a beautiful picture of my sisters, who were bridemaids in my wedding, giving me a last hug before we walked down the aisle.  A truly priceless photo!   

4) Do the pictures have good clarity and color?

5) Do you like the photographer’s personality?  Will he make your guests feel comfortable? 

6) Ask to see other work he has recently done, sample wedding albums and set of proofs, that way you get a sense of what the different wedding price packages include .  

7) Get everything in a written agreement.  Items that should be included are, time duration, location and any overtime costs if that were to happen. 

Give the photographer addresses to any place that you want photos taken ie.  bride’s house, groom’s house, ceremony location, additional location for group photos, reception.  List any poses you want taken, this way it is not overlooked. 

Ask if you can substitute one item for another and a set package.  When my husband and I were finalizing our wedding album, our package came with a enlargement with dimensions 20 x 24 or something crazy like that.  My husband and I decided we wanting more pictures in our album and have a smaller enlargement for ourselves.  Our photographer had no problem with it.

Hope this helps!!

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