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Wedding Cake Trends 2007

I love wedding cakes.  I can’t believe all the beautiful and artistic designs that are out there these days.  Flipping through bridal magazines, one can see just how wedding cakes have become so dramantic. I came across this amazing article that listed the trends in wedding cakes for 2007.  

The first trend is that they are personalized.  The wedding cakes are either personalized to reflect the day, the wedding theme, or the bride’s wedding dress.

The second trend is the unique shape.  Bride’s are beginning to step away from the traditional 3-tier wedding cakes and are moving towards unique stacking of all sorts of shapes.

Another trend is the colorful cakes.  Cakes are no longer white and cream, but bright colors that make the cake stay out where ever it is displayed.

To read more about wedding cakes, click the following, a truly amazing article and the wedding cakes are breathtaking.


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