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Trendy Bridal Shower Themes

Jack and Jill Wedding Showers – This shower is for the bride and groom and all their friends.  Usually a casual affair held in the afternoon as barbecue or in the evenings as a cocktail party. The theme for gifts at this tye of shower could vary from tools to bottles of wine for him and small appliances to linens for her.

Spa Bridal Shower – The bride and party guests spend a day at the spa.  Most spas will accommodate such a party.  If the cost is too expensive, you can take a look at having a at-home spa party…………it’s just as fun! 

Round the Clock Shower – Each guest is assigned a time of day, such as 7 AM, 12 Noon, 10 PM. Their gift reflects what one would be doing at that time of the day. Perhaps guest assigned 8 AM gives a coffee maker, the 7 PM guest could give pots & pans.

Room of the House Shower – Each guest is assigned a room of the house and chooses a gift that is appropriate for that room.  An example, bedroom…..guests can give a set of sheets

Lingerie Shower – Guests give the bride gifts of lingerie, often very sexy lingerie. In addition to the living room, lingerie showers can be held in a banquet or favorite bar/restaurant.

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