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Unique Bridal Shower Themes

Memories Shower – Each guest brings a memento to represent a special or funny experience shared with the bride.  Gives guests can chance to share childhood stories with one another. 

Mystical Bridal Shower – Hire a fortune teller or palm reader for this type of shower. Make it be a person with a fun personality, one who will set the stage for fun with off-the-wall predictions about the bride and guests. 

Stock the Bar Shower – A great idea if the bride and groom frequently host parties.  Guests can bring bottles of wine or liquor.

Wine Tasting Shower – Organize a wine tasting event in honor of the bride. This can be held at a winery or local cafe. Guest could bring wine and bar related gifts.

Christmas Shower – This is perfect for winter weddings. Guests can bring a Christmas tree ornament or other Christmas related gifts.

Garden Shower – Hold the event in a garden setting and have the guest bring gardening related gifts.

Health and Fitness Shower – Reserve the rock-climbing wall at a local sport center or take this coed shower to a park or beach. Organize a golf, tennis or volleyball tournament.

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