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8/8/08, The Next Lucky Wedding Day

After all that was said about July 7th, 2007 being the luckiest date to marry, here comes August 08, 2008.  Although it lands on a Friday, not a popular day to have a wedding, the number 8 is very lucky in the Chinese culture. 

So be sure to watch for huge numbers of Chinese weddings on this date.  Most Chinese believe in lucky numbers, the number 8 leading this list, because it sounds like the word “prosper” or “wealth”.  Repeat this three times and this must increase your luck!  

Although I believe this date will be more popular for the Chinese, many people like dates such as this.  They think dates like 7/7/07 and 8/8/08 and most probably 9/9/09, because it’s easy to remember and it looks cool. 

Since the date does fall on a Friday, at first glance it may not seem to attractive.  However, it has been known that Friday weddings are less expensive to have than those on Saturdays.  This may be a good reason to book this date after all, lucky number and save a few dollars!

Happy Planning!!!

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