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Groom’s Gift

It is tradition in some cultures to give your groom a gift before or after the ceremony.  But is it necessary?  Not really.  You may want to discuss gift giving with your groom.  If he has planned to get you something, here are some ideas of things you can purchase or give him.

1) Gold Cuff Links-  This could be something that can be worn on your wedding day.   It will always be a reminder of your special day.

2) Money Clip-  You could engrave a special message on it, a keepsake of your wedding day.

3) Dress Watch – again something that he could wear on your wedding day.  You could engrave a message on the back, personalizing it.

4) Journal – you could begin a journal when you become engaged.  Writing stories or thoughts as you plan your wedding and present it to him at the rehearal or wedding.  Very sweet idea and inexpensive.

These are only a few ideas.  There are many out there, from digital cameras and golf clubs to a spa day or a romantic weekend getaway.  It depends how personal or romantic you wish the gift to be.           

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave your comment.


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