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The M&M Wedding Cake ….WOW!!

If you are a candy lover or more so a lover of chocolate, you will adore this M&M Wedding cake made by Dahlia of Dahlia’s Custom Cakes. 

Dahlia was inspired to create a wedding cake using the M&Ms after creating a halloween themed cake one year, which incorporated candies, including orange and black M&Ms.


This cake is a true master piece, which took Dahlia more time than she had first anticipated but was extremely happy with the result.

Before assembling the cake she blocked out the design on graph paper to both a) ensure the tiers would balance each other aesthetically and b) to estimate how many M&M’s she need to complete each tier. Thank goodness you can buy M&M’s by the pound in single colors!

Dahlia, you are very talented and I can’t wait to see your new cake creations.

To view Dahlia’s other master pieces, visit her website at  http://www.dahliascakes.com/

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