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Reception Question: How to exclude children under age of majority in attending the reception?

We recently received a question about excluding children from attending a wedding reception.  This may be of help to some people.     

Question: My daughter is getting married and we are wondering how you exclude children under the age of majority in attending the reception. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated .

Answer: I think the proper way to handle this is to send an invitation to the guests that are to be invited.  This may mean sending two invitations to one household.  Children 18 and older should receive their own invitation, even if they are still living with their parents.  But by doing this, you will be letting the family know that you would prefer a set age group to attend the reception.  If you were to address the invitation as “and family”, this could lead to your guests inviting more people than what you have budgeted for, by inviting their “dates”.  It could get “out of hand!”

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