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Where to begin planning?

Finding it difficult to decide where to start your wedding planning?  Everything is so overwhelming and January is a crazy month in the wedding industry.  It has been noted that between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is the most popular time to “pop the question”, making it a rush booking your date before all the vendors in your area get booked up.

Where to start?  Well, remember the most important part of your wedding is the ceremony, therefore the most important people are your finance, the minister and yourself…..and of course the marriage license.  So call your minister and decide on your date, from there book a reception venue and everything else will fall into place.

Make a list with your finance of events and customs that both of you would like to incorporate in your wedding.  This will make the rest of the planning much easier! 

You may want to choose one day a week to being your “wedding planning day”.  Make all your appointments and phone calls on that day.  Wedding planing can make your social calendar nonexistent.  You don’t want that to happen.  Plus, choosing a day in the week rather than a weekend, will probably make the planning less stressful since many wedding related businesses are very busy on weekends.   

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