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Entertaining Your “Little” Wedding Guests

You may choose to not have any children attend your reception, but if you have decided that you would like children to help celebrate your special day, here are some discussions to help make them feel welcome.

1) Fun Bucket: You can go to the Dollar Store and purchase a bucket, or any other type of container that can be easy to hand out and fill it with crayons and coloring books or activity/learning books. Small toys and puzzles, anything that they can pull out a play with at the table. You would be surprised with what you can find at your local Dollar Store, this shouldn’t cost you much.

2) Children Meals: There are not many kids out there that want to eat a salmon dish or steak with a spinach salad. So if you are planning on having children at your reception, think of having a children’s meal for them. They will love chicken fingers and fries or a simple pasta dish. Plus this will be cheaper for you too!

3) Childcare: Depending on where your wedding is being held, you may or may not be able to do this. Childcare is a great perk for your guests. If you know someone that has babysat/a responsible individual(or people), you could hire them to be available as a babysitter for the evening, if your guests so choose to use the service.

If your reception hall has a smaller room, this room could be perfect for the “childcare area”. A room that parents can get away from the loud music and have a few minutes of down time with the younger kids. This area can be set up with a TV and DVD player and a table with coloring books and crayons. It doesn’t have to be much, just a quiet place for the kids.

These are just some suggestions of ways that you can make your “younger” guests more comfortable at your wedding. The parents will love you for it!

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