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Taking Care of Out-of-Town Guests

Your guests have taken time to come to witness your special day. It’s very nice gesture to prepare some things for your guests to let them know how much you appreciate them.

1) Provide hotel accommodation. You may have some out-of-town guests, some who have never visited your city. Providing a list of local hotel that are near your wedding ceremony and reception area in the invitation will be much appreciated.

2) You can visit your city’s tourism centre and pick up some brochures of sites to see while in the city. This gives your guests a chance, if they have it, to take in some local city’s history while attending your wedding. These brochures can be given to the hotel assistant to hand out to your guests upon arrival.

3) Create an agenda of the wedding activities on your wedding day. Provide your guests with a map on how to get to the ceremony and reception. Let them know what will be occurring before and after these events. Let them know who is invited to join, for example: “pictures being taken at Summer Hill on Queen’s University campus following the ceremony, immediate family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) are being asked to join the bride and groom”.

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