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World’s Largest Wedding Cake

I came across this wedding fact and thought I would share it.

The Executive Pastry Chef, Lynn Mansel and team of 57 “pastry artisans” have constructed the world’s largest wedding cake. This 17 foot height wedding cake was unveiled at the New England Bridal Showcase on February 8, 2004. The cake was a 7 tier cake weighing 15, 032 pounds.

It was made from 10,000 pounds of pound cake and 4, 810 pounds of icing. This cake can feed 59,000 guests. WOW!!! That’s a big wedding!

Shayna Glick a blogger from Slashfood wrote, “the cake team baked 700 sheet cakes and put them all together to build the giant cake. They had to use steel discs as cake boards, heavy duty metal pipes as separators, and two fork lifts to put each tier in place as it was finished.”

Not sure what they did with the cake after the showcase, but what a creation.

Photo came from http://www.slashfood.com/2008/02/21/worlds-largest-wedding-cake/, as did Shayna Glick’s quote.

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