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World’s Most Expensive Wedding, a mere $60 million USD

I always wondering what the largest amount is that someone has paid for a wedding.  Well I found that out, and it’s a mere $60 million dollars USD.  Can you imagine?  I mean, really…..I don’t know if I could spend that even if I had the money.

This wedding was thrown by Lakshmi Mittal for his daughter Vanisha Mittal and finacee Amit Bhatia on June 22, 2004.  Their invitation alone was a 20 page thick silver cased invitation card including five days of events in some of France’s most famous settings.  1,000 guests were invited to this six day event.  The sixth day being the wedding that was held at Vaux le Vicomte a 17th-century French chateau.

Not only does Lakshmi Mittal hold the record for the most expensive wedding, but he also owns the world’s most expensive house.

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