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Showing Appreciation to Your Out-of-Town Guests

Wondering how you can show your out-of-town guests some appreciation for attending your wedding?  My blog, Taking-care-of-out-of-town guests points out some things that you can do to make your guests’ stay comfortable.

An idea that I think is fabulous is putting together a thank-you basket for your guests.  Once they arrive to their rooms, the basket will be waiting for them.  They will love the gesture.  What should you include in your baskets?  Some items can be;

1)Brochures to museums in the area.

2)Menus to some of the restaurants in the area.  If your guests have little ones, add some family-friendly ones, your guests will be thankful.

3)An invitation to a post-wedding day brunch or to your rehearsal dinner, if it can be accommodated.  I think this is a great idea.  A way to spend some extra time with your out-of-town guests.

4)Add a little something unique, to further personalize the basket.  If your uncle likes golfing, maybe add some brochures to nearby golf clubs.  Or if your aunt likes gardening, add some seeds to flowers that she like add to her flower garden back home.  Maybe some coloring books and crayons to keep the little visitors entertained in the hotel room.

If a large number of your guests are traveling by plane or train and will not have a vehicle upon their arrival, having transportation the day of the wedding may be a nice thought.  Perhaps renting a bus to transport the guests from hotel to ceremony to reception and back.  I think your guests will adore your thoughtfulness.  You can let your guests know about this service by sending them a wedding newsletter with some information on the service a few months before the wedding, so they don’t go ahead and rent a vehicle.  The newsletter can include the time of arrival and depart from each destination.

These are some of the many gestures that you can do to show your guests your appreciation.  I think any one of these will be well taken by your guests, making them feel very special.

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