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The Heart Shaped Engagement Ring, Perfect for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Few things say “I love you” more clearly than slipping a beautiful, glittering heart on her finger. The perfect touch for a Valentine’s Day proposal or wedding. Of all the unique diamond shapes for your engagement or wedding ring, the heart shaped diamond ring is the obvious choice for the flat-out romantic.  The heart symbol is recognized world-wide as representing humanities most prized emotions – love and devotion.

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

The price of a heart shaped engagement ring is no more or less than any other engagement ring.  It is determined the same way as all other engagement rings, the 5 C’s (clarity, cut, colour, certification and carat).

Give her your heart.  Choose a heart shaped diamond engagement ring for your Valentine’s Day proposal.   It is a beautiful way to show her how much she means to you, again and again.

Click here to view details and a link to buy online.

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