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30 Days to Beautiful Skin

Take time for yourself when planning your wedding.  You want to glow on your wedding day, so remember to take extra care of your skin!

One Month to the wedding:

-Decide who will do your makeup and have a trial run done, so you are happy with your colours and final look.

-Decide on your hairstylist and have a trial run done, remember to bring your headpiece with you so your hairstylist knows what it looks like and how it should be put in your hair.

-Cut down on tea or coffee, to help you maintain a white sparkling smile.

-Moisturize.  You want to have that soft silky smooth skin on your wedding day.

A couple of weeks before the wedding:

-Cut salt and fat, and load all on vegetables and fruit.  Eat right, your skin will love you for it!

-Remember to drink lots of water.

-Take time to exercise, it’s a great stress reliever.

-If you need to trim your hair or colour/highlight it, do it now.

One week before the wedding:

-Remember to drink water.

-Pamper your self to a facial, eyebrow shaping & massage

The Day Before the BIG day:

-Drink lots of water.

-Have your nails done…..and pedicure too!

-Have a nice relaxing bath.  Put on some soft music and allow yourself sometime to yourself to take everything in.  You owe yourself this much.

Enjoy your day.  By following the above, you will be the most relaxed glowing bride.

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