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Wedding Reception Idea – Disposable Cameras for Your Guests

Your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere at the same time.  You have paid them to take pictures of the important moments of your special day,  with the main focus on the two of you.

For all those other moments missed by your photographer place a disposable camera at each table. They don’t have to be expensive, in fact there are many places you can find them for a great price.

We have some great selections of disposable cameras at HerWeddingShop, order them today and capture ALL those special moments, the pictures will be priceless.

Disposable Camera, HerWeddingShop

Place one of these high-quality cameras at each table and let your guests capture those candid, might-have-been missed wedding memories.  Each camera can be personalized with your names and wedding date.  The cameras arrive preloaded with 27 exposures of quality 400 ISO color film and a built-in flash.

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