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Inspiration Blog : Afternoon Wedding, a Wedding Coffee Bar

If you are looking for a way to cut costs but still have that glamorous wedding, why not have an afternoon wedding?  Afternoon weddings traditionally are less expensive because it is not a time preferred by the majority of couples getting married. Coffee Bar Blog

A wedding coffee bar would compliment an afternoon wedding beautifully.  Imagine having an outside wedding with a classic string quartet followed by a dessert and coffee bar at the same outdoor location.

To bring forward the theme of the coffee bar, you could play off the color brown.  You could have your bridesmaids in brown dresses.  Fill the base of vases with coffee beans, adding  string of flowers for your centre pieces.  Maybe you would prefer the an assortment of chocolates or pastries to dress your tables.  The ideas are endless!

The focal point would be your coffee bar, set up to make any type of coffee from cappuccinos to expressos.  To accompany this you could have a large assortment of desserts, including a chocolate fountain with delicious fruit!  I am sure your guests would join your themselves.  Choosing the time your wedding celebration will determine overall costs, but not the elegance and glamour of your wedding!

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