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Wedding Jewelry – Choosing The Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Dress

When deciding on wedding jewelry, you need to carefully examine the type of dress you are wearing.  Some wedding dresses need a piece of jewelry to finish the look, while others do not.


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If the dress is heavily decorated with sequins and pearls, there is no need for more embellishment. However, if the dress is very plain and sophisticated, a small string of pearls or an elegant diamond pendant is an attractive choice and will complete the look beautifully.

If the dress is strapless and simple you will have numerous options for jewelry.  When you wear a strapless dress, it normally draws more interest to the shoulders and neck area.  Many brides take this opportunity to wear very large sparkly pieces.

Y- drop necklaces are a perfect blend with a v-neckline wedding gown.  Adds a simple yet stylish look.


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If the wedding dress is short-sleeved, sleeveless or strapless, a simple yet elegant bracelet would be a tasteful addition to the ensemble.  Even if you are wearing gloves, you can always add a beautiful tennis or pearl bracelet to finish up the look.


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If the bride has a long neck, she may want to choose long dangle earrings.  If she has a short neck, diamonds studs may be the perfect choice.  Whichever style earring is worn, the earrings should match the necklace if one is worn.

Hair Jewelry

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Hair jewelry may include a tiara, a diamond or cubic zirconia or pearl hair clip. Follow the theme: if the dress is trimmed in crystals, the bride should wear crystals earrings, and crystals in the hair.

Colored Jewelry

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A simple wedding dress is like a blank canvas for a bride, anything goes.  You can go for big and colored gemstones or wear simple and elegant pieces.  However, if your dress has many embellishments, then wearing simple clear diamond earrings may suit the total attire better.

The wedding’s color theme can also be considered when choosing wedding day jewelry. The most frequently used jewelry colors are pastel shades or white to complement traditional wedding gowns.  Some brides may want to wear earrings in the stone of the wedding theme color.  Wearing stones such as blue sapphires and pink or yellow diamonds.  The color of your jewelry depends on you and your personal style.  Adding color can be very elegant and dramatically classy.

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