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Easy to Remember Wedding Date 999

The year I got married is an easy one to remember, the year 2000!  Aside from being the beginning of a new millennium, the zeros I hope will help my husband remember the important milestone anniversaries.  Hopefully when we get to our 25th anniversary, the theory will hold true.  I’ll have to tell you know 🙂

We have seen the popularity of choosing fun and easy to remember dates.  The most popular was July 7, 2007 and last year’s August 8, 2008.  Well now we get ready for 999 or September 9, 2009, a popular date for the Chinese.   This culture associates many of their luck with things and numbers.  The number nine is not any different, holding a meaning of longevity and eternality for the Chinese.  If a man in China were to send nine roses to his loved one, the meaning of this arrangement would be everlasting.

What an appropriate theme for a wedding!

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