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Kate Middleton in for a Fashion Whirlwind for Canada Visit

As Canadians prepare themselves for the royal visit of the newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, there’s plenty of talk going around about what the new royal is going to wear as she visits the country.

According to Weddingbells Magazine’s editor-in-chief Alison McGill, it’s not unlikely for Kate Middleton to have more than 40 wardrobe changes during her short but sweet visit to the country. She expects Kate to have 2 to 3 wardrobe changes daily. McGill also points out that there’s a lot of pressure on the Duchess to meet the world’s expectations of her being a new fashion icon, just as Princess Diana was during her heyday. Kate however, seems to be rising to the challenge, taking her job with an authority that’s rarely been seen before, she adds.

What’s even more surprising is that while the royals will be accompanied by a hairdresser, the Duchess won’t be visiting with a dresser, or lady-in-waiting. This essentially means that Kate will be doing the dressing on her own, and is relatively free to make choices on her wardrobe.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent out invitations to the royal couple after announcing their engagement to the world in November last year. The newlyweds are dropping by for some R&R and diplomatic duties just in time for the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. The royal newlyweds are expected to stay for a total of nine days, in which they will go through a tour of Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Quebec and Prince Edward Island.

The fashion world however, will be keeping a close eye on Middleton’s fashion picks, hoping to spot any trends that the leggy Duchess may kick off.

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