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Win a 150$ value bouquet for your upcoming wedding

Do you remember “27 dresses” movie? Yeap, we all do!

I’m sure that at least once in your life you wore a funny bridesmaid dress! So here is our contest that will give you the opportunity to win a bridal bouquet worth a 150$ value for your upcoming wedding!

1. Become Beaudry’s Flowers and Silk Greenhouse’s friend on FB at www.facebook.com/canadaflowers

2. Join the group: The funniest bridesmaid dress you have ever worn!

3. Upload a picture of you wearing the funny bridesmaid dress! (it has to be at a wedding!)

4. The funniest picture will receive a 150$ bridal bouquet!

All contest participants who spend more than 1000$ on their wedding flowers at Beaudry’s will receive a bridal bouquet worth a 100$ value!!

Visit our showroom at 1761 St. Laurent Blvd, near the Science and Technology Museum!

Good luck ladies!!!

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