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Wedding Professional Makeup Without the Price Tag

ID-100114294As you prepare for your wedding day, you plan all aspects of your wedding attire, right down to the final detail. You know how you want your makeup to look on your wedding day.  In order to get the professional look without the price tag you can buy kits and search for specials in drugstores or on the internet.

Right now you can the Top-Rated Eye Trio kit from Sephora for $12. Inside you will find false eye lashes, retractable waterproof eye liner, and triple action cleansing water. For the full lash effect you can place the extra lashes directly behind your natural lashes, or you can cut them up and strategically place the lashes in places where your natural lashes are thinner or more sparse. The eye liner will give your eye more definition and contour, it’s also a key player in the smoky eye effect. The cleansing water can be used to remove the lashes and eye liner that come in the kit.

MAC makeup has a great selection of eye makeup to make your wedding day look complete. They have a variety of false lashes to lengthen or make your lashes appear full. There are also a number of eye liners to complement the full lashes. Choose from liquid, pencil, defined or long wearing. To top off your look MAC has an enormous selection of shadows you can use to add drama or subtlety. These cosmetics are more expensive than drug store brands, but the quality is supreme.

If you’re looking to save money, then take a trip to your local pharmacy and see what they have in store. Shoppers Drug Mart has a small false eye lash section, but they do offer a very wide selection of mascaras, eye liners, and shadows. L’Oreal has great mascaras, eye liners and eye shadows as does Maybeline. Companies like Cover Girl and Rimmel have revamped their lines and have great staples in their cosmetic line up.

Ultimately, you should try the look your going for on a night out with your fiance or friends. Practice always makes perfect, and as with most things in life, get referrals from friends and family about what drug store brands they like best and why.

And if you’ve got a look your proud of, we’d love to see what you’re doing!

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