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DIY Wedding Invitation Inspiration

diy-burlap-and-lace-wedding-invitations Photo credit by http://theidomoment.com/simple-burlap-and-lace-wedding-invitations/

Wedding invitations are a key element to your wedding style and theme. Even though there are thousands options you can choose from, there is always the possibility to make them at home with the help of the groom-to-be. What a romantic way to both spend some quality time with him and make him part of the wedding planning/preparation process as well!

Here are some original ideas for easy-to-make DIY wedding invitations you can get inspiration from:

This is a simple trick that will make your invitation stand out. It is also a great way to easily incorporate your wedding color theme in the wedding invitations as well.

Using a beautiful stamp for your wedding invitation will add personality to it and it’s a lovely way to show your creative style. Tip: use your (and the groom’s) fingerprints to form a heart – a true symbol of your love.

Another great way to personalize your wedding invitation is using buttons – they come in all colors and sizes and are great for designing figures like flowers, balloons, hearts, etc.

Lace adds style and elegance to almost anything, so using it for your DIY wedding invitation is as natural as using it for your wedding gown. Clean and easy, your lace-decorated invitation will surely impress all the guests!

It’s easy to give your invitation a handmade look by adding stitches to it. You can use a contrasting color for the stitches in order to add a pop of color.

This one takes longer time, but the result will be impressive and this personal approach will make all your guests feel special and unique.

No matter what elements you will decide to use for your handmade wedding invitations, be sure to put your heart in making them and you’ll be satisfied with the result!

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