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Wedding Gift Registry Tips

Wedding Gift Registry Tips
As simple as it may seem to run around your favorite shops with a scanning machine or clicking “Add to Registry List” till you fall asleep on the couch, there are also some not so exciting (or pleasant) things to consider.


Here they are – the tips you’ll need to make the whole gift registry experience not only fun, but productive as well:


Discuss it with your future husband

Before you go crazy about that insanely overpriced, yet blatantly flamboyant china you just came across at Bloomingdale’s website, make sure you talk it over with your partner. You have to form the vision of your future home together because, hopefully, you will share it till death do you part. And you don’t want to see your spouse’s frown any time he drinks his coffee in the morning, do you?


Think about your hobbies as well

Things like bathroom accessories or duvet covers have been classics when it comes to gift registry entries for ages. There are, however, some things you should think about as well, that are not so obvious at first sight as a newly wedded couple’s essentials. Let’s say you both love camping – why not add a tent to your gift registry list? There will be more people than you’d think that would want to contribute to your better spent quality time as a family – be it scuba diving or clay pigeon shooting (no judging).


Say Thank You

The protocol says you have 6 weeks after you receive the present to send a Thank you note to the sender. It’s advisable to hold on to traditions and avoid emails or calls. In your Thank you note you should reference the specific gift you have received. Share a few personal details about the way it suits your new happily-ever-after life and you are guaranteed happy friends and family!

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