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Extreme wedding photography – creating memories on the edge of a 350-foot cliff

What are you capable of in order to have the most memorable wedding photo session? Are you adventurous enough to risk your life for that perfect wedding shot? Here are some of the most amazing (and most extreme) wedding photos you’ll ever come upon online. Let them inspire you for your own wedding photography undertakings!

Extreme wedding photography 3

As you may have already guessed, taking a wedding photo like the one above takes hours of hard work… The preparation process includes getting to the extreme setting (a 350-foot cliff with breathtaking views), dealing with special climbing equipment, and, obviously, overcoming your fear of heights! There is a whole team that helps you during the extreme wedding photo session – except for the photographers (Jay and his wife Vicki), there’s a mountain guide and a third photographer in charge of capturing different angles and behind-the-scenes shots.

Extreme wedding photography 6

Extreme wedding photography 7

Extreme wedding photography 1

Extreme wedding photography 2

The final results, however, are totally worth all the efforts!

Extreme wedding photography 4

Extreme wedding photography 5

Extreme wedding photography 8

It seems that Jay Philbrick and his wife Vicki have a thing for adventure and unique photography! Except for the 350-foot cliff, they are ready to photograph you on your big days on a steep snow bank, in a cave or even inside a well! If that’s a risk you are willing to take, you can visit their website here: philbrickphoto.com

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