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The Harry Potter Themed Wedding That Will Blow Your Mind

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 1

True fans are a real blessing. They will be right there for you even when you least expect it. This is exactly the case of Cassie and Lewis Byrom, who are so into Harry Potter that they’ve decided to invite their favorite character to their most special day in the form of wedding décor, wedding cake, accessories, and more…

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 2

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 3


The two devoted Harry Potter fans were married at Manchester Town Hall after a proposal that took place nowhere else but at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Their mind-blowing Hogwarts wedding will impress you with so many details that prove their devotion to Harry Potter…

The wedding bouquet

The wedding bouquet is not only unique and totally stunning, it is also comprised of actual pages from Harry Potter books:

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 4



The wedding cake

The wedding cake is a real work of art, featuring scenes from Harry Potter and replicas of two of the Harry Potter books with Bellatrix and Voldemort Lego cake toppers:

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 5


The wedding accessories

Both the bride and the groom are properly accessorized. The bride is wearing fabulous Potter-themed high heels and a Hogwarts garter while the groom is wearing Marauder’s Map cuff links:

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 6



Harry Potter Themed Wedding 7


The wedding venue

The Harry Potter themed wedding took place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester which was magically transformed to their very own Hogwarts:

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 8


Harry Potter Themed Wedding 9

Harry Potter Themed Wedding 10

It took the two self-confessed Potterheads a whole year to get everything right and we can admit it was totally worth it!


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