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5 tips for finding a wedding dress on a budget





Wedding dress on a budget

Looking for that perfect gown for your big day, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it? Your wedding dress should be something special. But you can easily spend less on the dress and use the savings on your honeymoon. And you don’t even have to be a sewing wizard!

Here are a few easy solutions to finding a wedding dress of your dreams on a budget:


Bridal shows

These shows are worth the visit. First of all, you will get the chance to see bridal fashion shows, so you can get familiar with the latest bridal fashion. This will help you decide what kind of a dress you would want to see yourself wearing when walking down the aisle!

Secondly, if you happen to see a dress you like, bridal shows offer many promotions and discounted prices. You might get lucky and find the perfect dress at a bargain price! And if that’s not the case, you’ll at least have the chance to see many different styles and shapes, so you get a better idea of what you want or don’t want.



Make sure you’re aware of all the sales popping up in your area and beyond. Get yourself on all the mailing lists of bridal boutiques and salons and look for the promotions. Another tip: create a temporary e-mail account for all your wedding planning. This way, these e-mails won’t get mixed up with your regular ones!

If there are any new bridal boutiques opening up, make sure to follow them on social networks. They will most likely offer some start-up promotion codes. Make use of those!



There are so many online shops and wedding boutiques offering all kinds of wedding gowns. You might need to do some research to find what you like, but it might just be worth it.

The best thing is, the internet enables you to see shops from all around the world! And many even offer free worldwide shipping. Look out for the many promotions and discounts online shops offer all the time!

But, before clicking that order button, make sure to read the return policy, just in case you don’t like the dress once you see it live.



Shops offering pre-loved wedding gowns have been in existence for a long time for a reason. Wedding dresses are used for just one day and it would be a shame to waste them hanging in the closet. This way, these beautiful pieces of clothing can be reused. You can simply personalize them by having them resized and upcycled by adding your own personal touch to it. It’s budget and eco-friendly because a new dress won’t have to be made! The same applies to the following as well:



Wedding dress rental shops have been around for a while as well. And they are really useful. They prepare the dress for you, you make the best of it and then return it! You keep the beautiful memories and photos and don’t have to worry about it taking space in your closet! Plus, it saved you some money that you can now spend on something else!

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