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3 stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon (and how to avoid them)

Honeymoon planning is often neglected as the couple bride already has a lot of planning to do for the actual wedding day and the honeymoon somehow gets moved all the way down to the end of the to-do list of wedding planning.

After years of dating and possibly a long period of living together before getting married, though, it is really nice to go the extra mile and arrange a surprise honeymoon for your future spouse. It feels great to plan something so big behind the groom’s back and hand him the plane tickets just when he least expects it!

If you are planning a secret honeymoon for your future husband, read on for the 3 most stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon and make sure you avoid them at all cost!

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A surprise wedding thrown for a couple after the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history

Amidst the devastating wildfire there’s a love story that rises out of the flames like a Phoenix and reminds us that we are all connected and it is in our little gestures of kindness that the future of humanity lies. This is the story of Carol and Carlos Moran who were forced to leave all hopes for the dream wedding they had planned before the wildfire hit their home. They left even the wedding rings and the wedding dress for their upcoming wedding in Fort McMurray in a rush to evacuate Beacon Hill.

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How to make the most of Pantone’s 2016 wedding colors

Are you planning a spring or summer wedding in 2016? If you want your wedding theme and color palette to be inspired by Pantone’s trending colors for this year’s wedding season, read on!

Here are the top 4 Pantone’s 2016 wedding colors (and how to incorporate them in your wedding):

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Getting married inside the Magic Kingdom just outside Cinderella's Castle

Getting married inside the Magic Kingdom just outside Cinderella’s Castle

If you want to feel like a real princess, you can now get married Disney style in Florida’s Disney World with your wedding ceremony taking place just outside Cinderella’s Castle!

Have you found your Prince Charming? Is there a Cinderella hiding inside you who dreams of a fabulous fairy tale wedding? We have good news for you: you can now have your fabulous Disney wedding inside the Magic Kingdom with Cinderella’s castle in the background!

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Wedding Invitation Trends 2016

  Wedding season is on and your wedding planning is at full speed! Do you want to be in step with the wedding trends this year? Of course, you do! Read on for the trendiest wedding stationary options of 2016: Say “Yes” to jewel tones Unless you want to strictly stick to the white/ivory/ecru wedding stationary traditions, opt for something bold and memorable for your wedding invitations! We recommend choosing a deep moody palette with a hint of light (a […]

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Wedding Traditions around the world

All over the globe, wedding traditions vary. Love may be universal, but each culture has its own ways of making someone’s special day extra special. Some traditions are wonderfully romantic while others are slightly different. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating wedding customs around the world. This map was created by https://loyesdiamonds.ie/

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