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Bridal beauty preparation guide

Bridal wedding preparation

Your big day is coming up and since you will be standing in the spotlight, you want to look and feel your best, right? There’s a lot of stress related to wedding planning and preparation, so you need to make sure to release it in order for it not to show on your face when everyone is looking at you. Here is a bridal beauty preparation guide to make you look stunning and stress-free when you say yes!

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5 wedding hair mistakes you haven’t thought of

We know you must be aware of the most common wedding hair mistakes (like dying your hair just a few days before the big day or trying a new hairstyle), so we won’t bother you with these. What we will focus on are some less obvious wedding hair mistakes that, if avoided, can save both your bridal hairstyle and your overall wedding look!

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6 Beauty tips for your wedding day

It’s no surprise that after months of wedding planning and preparation, a lot of brides overlook some important beauty rituals that should take place on the day of their weddings. To help you look you best on the big day, we’ve listed some wedding day musts for your beauty routine: 1. Put the shampoo and conditioner away Beauty experts say that you should wash your hair with shampoo and put conditioner the night before the wedding and just rinse your […]

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