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4 engagement ring dilemmas and how to deal with them

Engagement ring shopping

A lot of decision-making comes with choosing an engagement ring and it can put you in a stressful situation. So many rings to choose from and so many rules to follow. There are traditions, cultural boundaries and quite a few myths about engagement rings that can be confusing. Below are four engagement ring enigmas and we hope they give you some reassurance for when you head off to buy that engagement ring!

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Simple advice for the perfect engagement ring

Her Wedding Planner

Are you thinking of popping the big question? Unless you’re a very calm person or have planned it a long time ago, you are probably stressing yourself about when, where and how to propose.

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The history of the engagement ring

The history of engagement rings as a symbol of loyalty to the woman you want to marry, though, dates back to prehistory! Here’s a brief timeline of the way in which the traditional engagement ring has evolved into what it is today:

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Wedding Ring Trend for 2013

Her Wedding Planner

Planning to get married?  Before any wedding planning, first thing to look into is your engagement ring or your wedding ring.  The engagement ring is a ring that indicates that the wearer is engaged and will be married soon.  The wedding ring, on the other hand, indicates that the wearer is married.   There are instances that the engagement rings are also used as wedding rings.  But most of the time, only the woman gets to wear an engagement ring […]

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Fun Facts About Weddings


I was surfing the web the other day and came across these fun facts about where some of our traditions came from. I thought you would enjoy me sharing them with you. Wedding Bouquet For ancient Greeks and Romans, the bouquet was a pungent mix of garlic and herbs or grains. The garlic was supposed to ward off evil spirits and the herbs or grains were to insure a fruitful union. In ancient Poland, it was believed that sprinkling sugar […]

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