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Wedding gift registry etiquette

Wedding gift registry etiquette

Pointing a scanner gun at all those fabulous items on your registry list is perhaps one of the few wedding planning parts that both the future bride and the future groom equally enjoy. As simple as it may look, however, doing the gift registry right takes some patience and some rules to follow.

Just like with any aspect of the wedding planning, the wedding gift registry has its own etiquette that each newly-engaged couple should follow if they want everybody to be happy. Here are the basics of wedding gift registry etiquette:

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Wedding Gift Mistakes to Avoid

If there’s one thing women are good at, that’s undoubtedly shopping. No wonder taking care of your gift registry is among the most pleasant parts of your wedding planning. As good as you are at searching for the best presents to accompany you and your future husband in your soon-to-be happily-wedded life, there are still some mistakes you can make that may ruin this stage of the wedding planning for you:

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Wedding Gift Registry Tips

As simple as it may seem to run around your favorite shops with a scanning machine or clicking “Add to Registry List” till you fall asleep on the couch, there are also some not so exciting (or pleasant) things to consider.   Here they are – the tips you’ll need to make the whole gift registry experience not only fun, but productive as well:   Discuss it with your future husband Before you go crazy about that insanely overpriced, yet […]

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The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist

You know the big day is approaching by the thrill you get every time you think about it. No, we’re not talking about the wedding day. We’re talking about the registry checklist day. It’s the day you have to finally sit down and put on paper (or in an .xls file) all those items you’ve dreamt about when envisioning your perfect home.

We will make it easier for you by giving you the basics of every wedding registry checklist, so that you don’t end up with 3 China sets and no bedding sheets.

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Gift Registry – Your Questions Answered!

We know you may have a lot of questions regarding this stage of wedding planning, so, without further ado, here are the answers to you most frequently asked gift registry questions:

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Gift Registry 101

Gift registry makes gift giving and getting simple. You choose the items you want and your guests choose from your list to buy the items you want. So how’s this done exactly? With care of course. So before you start scanning every piece of kitchenware in the store know yourself and your husband-to-be. What do you like to do in the kitchen or outside? How would you decorate your own house? Once you and your significant other have sat down […]

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