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Wedding Music Tips and Ideas

Wedding Music Tips and Ideas

Wedding music must be one of the nicest parts of wedding planning, right? Well, not so much for the future bride that has already been loaded with endless tasks and important decisions to make like choosing her wedding style, the wedding venue, etc.

Here are some wedding music tips and ideas that will help you get out of the wedding music maze (almost) safe and sound:

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5 ways to save on wedding music

X Ways to Save On Wedding Music

Wedding music is an integral part of your wedding day. It is this intangible link that bonds everything together and creates a lot of memorable moments for you and your wedding guests. From the wedding march to your first wedding dance and all the way to the after party dance craze, your wedding music will be one of the highlights of the big day.

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Wedding flowers ideas on a budget

Wedding flowers on a budget

Just like any aspect of your wedding (from the venue, to the wedding dress, and the photography), wedding flowers can eat a big piece of your wedding budget if you let them. Be a wise bride and plan your wedding flowers budget carefully as it can save you a lot of headaches… and money!

Here are our top picks for wedding flowers ideas on a budget:

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Wedding flowers mistakes to avoid

Choosing the right bridal bouquet and flower arrangements is not an easy task. Flowers have always been an important factor in the wedding planning process as they complement the wedding theme, enhancing important wedding elements like the venue and the reception.

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Wedding Food & Drink Menu Ideas on a Budget

Having a tight budget for your wedding? You don’t have to compromise with the quality of the food and drinks at your wedding in order to fit it!

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Wedding Catering Tips and Advice

The wedding catering is that “pinch of salt” that can turn any wedding from an ordinary one to an unforgettable one. Do you know how to make this happen? Here is out top advice on how to use the wedding catering as your secret weapon to a one-in-a-lifetime wedding memory:

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