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Gift Registry 101

Gift registry makes gift giving and getting simple. You choose the items you want and your guests choose from your list to buy the items you want. So how’s this done exactly? With care of course. So before you start scanning every piece of kitchenware in the store know yourself and your husband-to-be. What do you like to do in the kitchen or outside? How would you decorate your own house? Once you and your significant other have sat down […]

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Bridal Party Hotel Etiquette

Whether you’re having a wedding in your home town or somewhere else, wedding etiquette dictates that the bride is responsible for the lodging of the bridal party the night before the wedding. If your parents have agreed to let the entire bridal party stay at their house that’s great, but in the case that you are out of town and your parents home is not an option, you are responsible for paying for your bridesmaids’ lodging. You should explore the […]

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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, they’re a way for couples to get married in a location that has meaning or in a place they’ve always dreamed of going together. It’s also a way to have a small intimate wedding with family and few friends. If you’re considering making your wedding a destination, here are some tips to help you plan and get the best possible deal for you and your guests. Plan your wedding for a weekday during an […]

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