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The most extreme marriage proposals

Have you heard the latest news from the world of wedding planning? An extreme-marriage-proposal fan turned his marriage proposal to a rescue operation, with a helicopter and all… The idea about the once-in-a-lifetime experience he had in mind was to climb the 580-foot Morro Rock (which is totally illegal to climb, by the way) and propose to his girlfriend via FaceTime.

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The 5 most inspiring ways to surprise your bride/groom

The wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Given the fact that it also features your most loved person, it’s only natural to try and make this day as special as possible for both of you. One great way to achieve this is to think of some inventive ways to surprise your better half using our inspiring suggestions:

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5 wedding hair mistakes you haven’t thought of

We know you must be aware of the most common wedding hair mistakes (like dying your hair just a few days before the big day or trying a new hairstyle), so we won’t bother you with these. What we will focus on are some less obvious wedding hair mistakes that, if avoided, can save both your bridal hairstyle and your overall wedding look!

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DIY wedding hairstyle tips

So, you have decided to do your own hair for your wedding day. Congratulations! This is a brave decision that will not only get all eyes on you (and your beautiful hairstyle) but will also make all your friends and relatives jealous of your DIY hairstyle skills.

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Bridal makeup DOs and DON’Ts

DO test your makeup beforehand
This is very important, especially if you are planning on any self-tanning for the big day. Your wedding makeup artist has to be given enough time to properly test different hues and find the perfect sun-kissed look for you.

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The wedding dress – 4 traditions and superstitions you must know about

The wedding dress – traditions and superstitions 1

There a lot of common superstitions and traditions connected with practically every aspect of your wedding (regardless of when or where you are tying the knot). We’ve gathered 4 of the most famous wedding dress traditions and superstitions that will put a smile on your face when/if you come across them in your fabulous wedding dress on your big day.

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