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What Does the Color of Your Wedding Theme Say About You

We all have a favorite color and it is no wonder that your favorite color reveals a lot about your personality and the way you perceive yourself and those around you. Choosing a color for your wedding theme is actually a decision you make on a subconscious level and it has a lot to do with the way you picture your future marriage. Here’s a list of 4 of the most commonly used wedding theme colors and their meaning: White […]

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Wedding Invitation Trends 2015

Are you a traditionalist or a trend-follower? Either way, planning for your big day inevitably includes the best of both worlds (in different proportions). Here are some wedding invitation trends that will be popular in 2015 – in case you are lost in the innumerable choices available, feel free to get inspired by what’s popular this year: Nature As traditional weddings become more and more popular these days, it is normal that we see nature finding its way in the […]

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DIY Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Photo credit by http://theidomoment.com/simple-burlap-and-lace-wedding-invitations/ Wedding invitations are a key element to your wedding style and theme. Even though there are thousands options you can choose from, there is always the possibility to make them at home with the help of the groom-to-be. What a romantic way to both spend some quality time with him and make him part of the wedding planning/preparation process as well! Here are some original ideas for easy-to-make DIY wedding invitations you can get inspiration from: […]

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Five Reasons To Choose Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cards

Her Wedding Planner

Wedding invitations bring first impression to your guests.  They not just tell you about the details of the wedding but they also show you the personalities of the bride and groom.  Do the bride and groom prefer elegance?  Or are they light-spirited and prefer whimsical invitations?   Wedding invitations are important but they can also take a big portion on your wedding budget.  If you want to cut down on your wedding invitations without jeopardizing the impression of your wedding […]

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5 Ways To Get Your Groom Involved In Wedding Planning

5 Ways To Get Your Groom Involved In Wedding Planning

1.  Ask him what type of wedding he wants to have. You may not agree with his vision, but by allowing him to discuss his thoughts will allow him to be more open about yours. 2. Talk about the Wedding Planning Tasks.  Most grooms have no idea how much time and effort goes into wedding planning.  Discuss the tasks that need to be done, and what time line you have to complete it.  Chances are he will be willing to […]

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Box Office Wedding Invite: A Twist on Save the Date

Box Office Wedding Invite:  A Twist on Save the Date

A very unique and eye-catching “Save the Date”.  I’m wondering what type of wedding invitation they’re going to have.  Definitely different!

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