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Truths and Myths about Your Wedding Music

Just like any other aspect of your wedding, your wedding music is a topic that raises a lot of myths and you may hear a lot of unsolicited advice about it from your family and friends.

Here are the most common wedding music myths (and truths):

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Wedding flowers mistakes to avoid

Choosing the right bridal bouquet and flower arrangements is not an easy task. Flowers have always been an important factor in the wedding planning process as they complement the wedding theme, enhancing important wedding elements like the venue and the reception.

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Wedding Food & Drink Menu Ideas on a Budget

Having a tight budget for your wedding? You don’t have to compromise with the quality of the food and drinks at your wedding in order to fit it!

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Wedding Catering Tips and Advice

The wedding catering is that “pinch of salt” that can turn any wedding from an ordinary one to an unforgettable one. Do you know how to make this happen? Here is out top advice on how to use the wedding catering as your secret weapon to a one-in-a-lifetime wedding memory:

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Wedding Catering Mistakes to Avoid

The wedding catering is one of the main aspects of every wedding and it can generate a lot of tension and worries around its perfect organization. That’s why we’ve put together the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to wedding catering. Read on and take notes to prevent falling in the trap of these wedding catering mistakes:

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Self-catered Wedding Ideas

So, you have decided on a self-catered wedding. Congratulations! There are so many options you can choose from and the possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to choose the perfect menu, fit in a previously decided on budget, follow a beloved fashion trend or just go with your imagination.

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