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Bridal Make-Up mistakes to avoid

So, the big day is just around the corner and you are going through a rainbow of emotions – there’s excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and even some panic sneaking in. Relax! This is going to be the best day in your life and we are here to help you not make these common make-up mistakes that can ruin this special day. In the last week before your wedding make sure not to do any of the things listed below: Changing your […]

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New Year’s Eve Wedding

What better way to ring in the new year than by getting married on December 31! A New Year’s Eve wedding can be romantic and fun, all your closest friends and family will be with you on your wedding day and to ring in the new year! But as with all wedding planning there are pros and cons to having a NYE wedding. Pros Because it’s the holidays you know your friends and family can get the time off work […]

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How to Hire the Best DJ

Many couples choose DJ’s to play music at their wedding reception and dance, but how do you get the best DJ? Someone who knows how to get the party started and keep it going long after the kids have fallen asleep and the older couples have retired for the night? You need a DJ with energy, great music and a fantastic personality. Where should you look for this winning combination? Start with the weddings you’ve attended, did you like the […]

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How Simple can a Simple Wedding Be

“Simple” is a highly relative term, meaning something else to someone as it justly means something else to another. When talking about weddings, a simple wedding tends to be often argued and debated about, with some convinced that a simple wedding entails six people with a priest, as others view simple weddings as wedding celebrations that don’t involve florists or decorators. But as discussions on the details of “simple weddings” continue to prevail, many fail to consider that there is […]

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Why Calling for the Services of Wedding Planners Work

In these grim economic times, it pays to be frugal with one’s expenses. From doing things that you can do yourself, to only calling for the services of experts only when they are necessary, the world has its own share of “cost cutting” alternative courses of action, each primed in helping keep the sings of astronomic bills and payables at bay. The area of weddings and wedding planning services is one often talked about subject when delving into the principles […]

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Getting Your Destination Wedding Right

Kick those blues goodbye and cap your union with a destination wedding. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Just the thought of it sizzles the spirit. Ah, Bahamas, Fiji Islands, Bali, the list seem endless. Getting married in a far away land seem a dream come true – not only for you but for all your wedding guests. However, you still need to keep your feet anchored to the ground. Follow these key points to get your dream wedding fit to a […]

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